A Dispatch from France

Annie Crabill

When school children in Lyon, France, returned to classes this fall, they had a critical decision to make: are they a vegetarian Jeune Pousse, or an omnivorous Petit Bouchon?  According to a sample menu, the former, which translates to “Young Sprout,” will enjoy a tandoori-spiced stew with chickpeas, lentils, and vegetables. The latter, named with a nod to traditional Lyonnais restaurants, will be served veal in a tomato-mushroom sauce. Radishes...

On the State of Climate Activism

Annie Crabill

In August, the U.S. Senate passed climate provisions that were immediately hailed as historic, marking President Biden’s most significant legislative achievement to date. Coming after a summer of record heat waves, floods, fires, and other catastrophes around the world, the bill sparked debate over whether its contents will meet the moment with sufficient urgency, and how much we should celebrate it as a significant, if limited, victory. Meanwhile, the viability...

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