Maybe fortresses come to violence like an addiction. Maybe the water is just water. The tide abandons what it leaves. We have absolutely no way of controlling the cane toad. “I love anyone who hears my screams.” You ever cry with that knowledge? Do they kiss on the mouth? What will the bears say? I am not yet a trampoline. No doors exist and nobody’s home. Simply because they are eternally young, beautiful, and dead. If anything, a little too preoccupied with the possibility of getting kidnapped. Going Marie Kondo on the unconscious in the name of empiricism. Even the food is alienated. A mouse’s security needs were receiving undue consideration. The lessons for the Pentagon are huge. I sensed its need to disappear completely. Guns, drugs, people, whatever. Criticism for criticism’s sake. Give it a listen if you want to feel insane. Trite paeans to free speech. You can quote from those directly, darling.

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