Anti-terrorist chauffeurs for hire. Macrobiotics true believers. The most chronicled child in the Brooklyn literary world. A comic book-style supervillain. An intellectually fatal disconnect. A characteristic microbial community. I spent evenings there while my girlfriend was droning maternity wards. Maybe you're an American Girl Doll, I said, and these are other sentient American Girl Dolls. The baby lemur is sad. Isn't it a tragedy how we all have names? Scott Pruitt's o-face leaks Scott Peterson's crocodile tears. Show me the backside of the databarn. Let his inner Brazilian jungle emerge. I'm called Pearl, The Inheritor. Pick your poison. Instead of a Green New Deal, we will get a green Art of the Deal. Your attitude and performance are direct reflections on the quality of our Disney show. Your people are trying to impeach the president for nothing. Aren't vows means for the giant to hear? Welcome to the party, all novels ever.

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