Consider ten sentences, overlapping. If you’re invited, go on Fox. Why Indigenous women in mining is a golden opportunity. A very metabolizable poetry. Drought is a specific kind of lack. Pain is a child. The roots of the American Nuclear Tree have reached China. Few can afford to keep their freak flags furled. From time to time it’s necessary to manage doctors. You think you’ve seen it all because you grew up watching ISIS videos. Does that description more closely resemble YSL or JPMorgan Chase? My Prince’s father had tried to kill My Prince’s mother. I could caption her with anything. A Disney movie that reflects the company’s political donations. Everyone bleeds inside their heads! The dispersion of the aesthetics of indie rock out from a distinct subcultural enclave into a general ether that suffuses and unites the major genres of today’s Top 40 pop. Violence is man recreating himself, said the agent. Jesus, I reply, and cut my steak like a heart.

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