Don’t contribute to the reigning superstitions. Consider the entrepreneurial mindset. Become the soul of the killer. The instinct to know and be known can atrophy. Our misinterpretations are perhaps the most individual and specific things we have. A heterotopic lair full of vaginal furniture, lewd innuendoes, potions, lotions, and unsentimental critiques of the social. Barely disguised racists, survivalists, macho Daniel Boones, and outright social reactionaries. Urban squalor, suburban repression, and psychosexual gibberish. Spats, the horse-drawn carriage, and the Blackberry. O un-attention. I spotted Mars and almost walked away. Synesthetes repulse me. Toothy Gen Xers with pristine opinions on politics and literature. Striding in and plonking a very big gun down on the table. Tiny machines, programmed to “dart” so their scales “catch” the light “just so.” Between decay & totalizing optimism. Narcissus was a failed experiment in surveillance. Death is a made-up place.

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