Stop reading novels with nameless protagonists. What you need is an egg-freezing chamber of your own. Remember, this is infanticide. Prophets are unpopular, unpleasant. Belittled, mocked, burned in effigy. The hallmark of coolness is effortlessness. Some chain-smoking cosmopolitan invaded the domain. Let’s say the bombs stop. Would he care for an amethyst? The actual horses were phoning it in. You’re driving so fast it breadcrumbs the memory. Kiss the first person you see. Save our ship. To exist is to suffer. I escaped to a bar to read a book about hunter-gatherers. My boyfriend is not my son. A muddle of psychoanalytic slop. The mad king of a high-tech feudal state. Crow mutiny. Songs as dry and sad as driftwood. Wan, narcissistic, sick souls, unfit for self-government. The urge to prod and provoke. Sage words on high heels. All marriages are throuples. “Drag queen story hour is the syringe.” What price glory? God is wearing noise-canceling headphones.

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