To the Watchlist | Poetry

George Abraham

a disappearing ghazal for my body, staying I get it. You’re obsessed with me. Damn the waters, now you’ll be blessed with me. When did you get this fabulous? A beloved said after reading your little profile, your unintentional publicity for me. I still hope someone spits in a zionist’s salad today, & not in a sexy way — Happy Aries Season to me! Call it what you will —...

the ghosts of the dead sea are rising | Poetry

George Abraham

from the waters] alight [with the oceans] alight [against] alight [this seasink] alight [into land] alight [of us] alight [turned robe] alight [of concrete] alight [and cement] alight [the desert] alight [bloomed] alight [into strip] alight [ma(u/l)l] alight [settler] alight [on branch] alight [of their own] alight [making] alight [they see us] alight [daily] alight [wade into] alight [beneath which] alight [o gaze] alight [o un-attention] alight [o hyper] alight...

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