Grief | Poetry

Harmony Holiday

There’s a video of a lynx burying another lynx in the snow in what people on the Internet perceive as a show of mourning and care. It’s gone viral as a testament to how warm and civilized the beast really is. A quiet polemic. The video is severed and missing the first part, where the one performing the burial killed and ate the carrion it’s now submerging, which it will...

Something very much like sadness and very much like develish enjoyment | Poetry

Harmony Holiday

Oblivion is full of so much optimism it’s almost time for bombs to go off and I haven’t selected to right hue of lipstick   the one that suggests ripeness with a hint of ironic smoldering   that I’m on the market   that I’m sold   and about to blow up   cherry mist in the dust of biofilms white teeth chattering as debris flies by in arks of broken memory dendrites of hypothetical...

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