“Determined to Wait” | Anti-Vaccine Sentiment Around the World

Tryggvi Brynjarsson

As the Delta variant spreads, much has been made of the American anti-vax movement — its political character, its expressions, its impact. Elsewhere, the question of who has access to vaccines has frequently been more urgent than who is choosing to get one. And yet, across the globe, we’re seeing instances of vaccine hesitancy and refusal, for a wide variety of reasons.  We asked writers around the world: Who’s vaccine-skeptical,...

“Stratified and Fragmented” | Teaching and Learning in a Pandemic

Tryggvi Brynjarsson

From day care to graduate school, teaching and learning have been upended as never before. Schools closed in March, teaching was relegated to Zoom, and parents became reluctant homeschoolers. While the wealthy assembled pods to avoid the risks of ordinary in-person schooling, the poor juggled full time childcare with essential work. Now, we’re seeing a patchwork of half-measures and ill-advised, staggered reopenings as another year begins — and rising rates...

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