Image by John Kazior

Poetry You Made a List of What You Wanted from the Earth

Robert Wood Lynn

and I wasn’t on it. RASPBERRIES appeared twice.
I am grateful to know you well enough to understand
this wasn’t by accident. You listed SLEEPING IN
right above MORNING GLORIES, your own way
which would be on mine. Maybe the only item.
Or maybe not — there’s you and the poems
of Catherine Barnett and also I like the color of morning
glories but not their canny sense of timing. I like best
the part of the day where the sky is purple and the ground
is purple and the trees and the people and the houses
except for their windows which are orange
in solidarity with the pale streak on the other end
of our horizon. For a year I bought my soda at a liquor store
because that’s where they sold it in A COLD GLASS.
I could hold the bottle to your forehead and you’d do the bit
where you’d pretend I’d woken you from the terrible dream
that all this was going away. Maybe already had. Whew.
What RELIEF to still be here. The FRIDGE LIGHT summoned
by the machine your arm makes with the door. Makes you
wanna kiss the first person you see. TOUCH WATER.
Eat A WHOLE THING OF BERRIES just to make sure.

Robert Wood Lynn is the author of the poetry collection Mothman Apologia, winner of the Yale Younger Poets Prize and the Kate Tufts Discovery Award. He teaches creative writing at Juilliard.