Other People’s Despair | Mending the Social Fabric Won't Fix the Suicide Crisis

Erik Baker

Last March, in the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Donald Trump issued a warning: in what would soon become an incessant refrain among opponents of lockdowns and mandatory social-distancing measures, he claimed that unless the country was swiftly opened back up, there would be “suicides by the thousands.” Trump’s particular prophecy was clearly ridiculous, and it became more so with each passing month. But it was by no means...

The Cure and the Disease | Social Darwinism from AIDS to Covid-19

Erik Baker

It was not how anyone expected Bill Hamilton to die. In 1999, Hamilton was celebrating his fifteenth year as a research professor in evolutionary biology at Oxford, where he had cultivated a reputation for unconventional, mathematically sophisticated theorizing. He had recently received both the Crafoord Prize and the Kyoto Prize, arguably the two most prestigious awards for scientists in fields not eligible for the Nobel. His wife had moved out,...

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