American Accident | All the Presidents' Movies

Rebecca Panovka

Surveying the canon of schlocky president movies will tell you there are two things a Hollywood audience loves: drama with the first daughter (kidnapped? new boyfriend?!), and an accidental president. The former can be explained away through our nostalgia for monarchy, or at least for princess tales; the latter by our democratic ideals.  The accidental president is a pipe dream — an unthreatening premise from which to launch a political...

Nature’s Revenge Porn | Animal Documentaries at the End of the Earth

Rebecca Panovka

Google “nature’s revenge,” and the internet free-associates straight to Covid-19. The first several search results read like a back-and-forth debate: coronavirus does, or else it doesn’t, represent an ecological spin on divine retribution. The pope has an opinion on the matter, as does the lead guitarist from Korn. Also in the fray is an organization called The Turtle Conservancy, which weighed in decisively with a March 26 post titled “Mother...

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